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Access Control

An overview of access controlGardwell install access control systems using, amongst others, the Paxton range of keyreaders

Access control systems provide you with the advantage of knowing who is in your premises at all times, whilst preventing others – whether they are employed or not – from accessing areas that they shouldn’t.

Gardwell Secure Systems can provide a wide range of access control systems including:

  • Door intercom systems
  • Swipe cards and tag systems
  • Video entry systems
  • Audio entry systems
  • Key lock systems
  • Highly sophisticated multi-door access
  • Biometric systems (admittance via facial, fingerprint, voice or signature recognition)

The benefits of single door access control systems

Using a piece of low cost software or a simple card reader single door access control systems can be set up with no hassle or fuss. They are able to tell you who has entered your building and when. This ensures your building remains secure at all times whilst maintaining convenience and flexibility for building users.

The benefits of multi door access control systems

According to the Federation of Small Businesses warehouse and factory based buildings experienced the most crime, probably due to the fact they have several doors all unmanned and not properly secured during business hours.

Businesses with a number of entrances and exits are vulnerable to the threats of crime. However, this can be resolved by a multi-door access system which can be used to restrict access to certain areas at specified times, or restrict unqualified personnel from accessing places they shouldn’t.

Multi-door access control systems are seen to be of considerable benefit to those whose offices are quite large or spread out across several locations.

Access control systems will also capture an audit trail of who has accessed a particular area and at what times. This can be networked to several computers, allowing operators to manage and control the system from a number of locations.

Maintenance of access control systems

Once installed we recommend that you have your systems serviced annually to clean any card readers, check locks, ensure databases are current, and all components are still operating correctly.

We can provide access control systems as well as other electronic security services in a number of locations throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia, including:

  • Norwich
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Ipswich
  • Peterborough
  • Leiston
  • Lowestoft

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