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Security solutions for the tough times ahead


A solution to a future challenge

The Challenge

As you may be aware the recent HM Government budget detailed the new mandatory ‘Living wage’ of £7.20 per hour for UK workers over the age of 25 from April 2016.  Companies, who are in receipt of manned guarding services, may find that their security expenditure will significantly increase to address these rising employment costs.

After 2016 the pressures on service charges may further increase; HM Government also tabled a target UK mandatory living wage of £9.00 by 2020 so over the next 5 years service charges could increase at an annual rate far beyond anticipated inflationary levels.

In addition to the above, many site security shifts commence at 1700 hours and end at 0800 hours.  Long shifts of 15 hours or more, give rise to H&S and WTD issues which also require mitigation through split shift rostering thereby further increasing the labour costs.

 Our Solution

Gardwell offer bespoke solutions as an alternative to site based manned guards.  We are able to supply a variety of remotely monitored CCTV solutions tailored to the security risk profile of the specific site.  Two of our most common supply scenarios:-

 Trailer Guard

This is a mobile unit consisting of a tower based pan tilt and zoom camera.  External wireless detection is positioned at strategic locations throughout the site.  In the event of an intrusion the camera will pan to that location and transmit the imagery to our monitoring company via mobile signal.  The security operator will live voice to the intruder to leave site stating the police have/will be been called. Click here to find out more about Trailer Guard

 Purchased solutions

We can also install wired monitored CCTV systems on a purchase basis which can be reinstalled on future sites. Click here to see our other services

 Cost Effectiveness

The rental and monitoring option is less than half the weekly manned guarding costs for a typical site.  A purchase option consisting of 4 cameras with detection can be purchased for less than a month’s static guarding outlay; the weekly ongoing monitoring costing as little as £50.00.  The systems are also often utilised in conjunction with patrol and response service which we can also easily be arrange for you. Another advantage with cctv is the ability to look back at recorded footage to check past events and download footage to help with internal/police investigations.

Published on Tue, 08 Sep 2015 (03:37pm)
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