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Biometric Security Systems


Many forward thinking organizations are re-assessing their security options and how they protect their people, assets and businesses. A simple access card system is fast being exchanged for more sophisticated biometric systems, which can verify identity and protect very high-value assets. So what are the benefits of installing a biometric access control system? 

Using a hand recognition reader or fingerprint scanner to govern your access control system has one inherent benefit. It eliminates the burden and expense of a card based system. It removes the risk of lost or stolen cards being used to gain access to a secure area and also mitigates the cost of providing physical cards to anyone who might require access to the location in question.

Finger print scanners tend to be more effective at low volume openings where an area is being accessed by up to 100 people or at a slower rate. It is popular for protecting an area where highly sensitive or high value documents or assets are kept, making sure that only those who have the necessary clearance can achieve access.

Hand recognition readers tend to be used more effectively in a scenario where accuracy and speed is paramount. It is typically used by larger organizations at the entrance or security corridor where control of access is necessary without stemming         the flow of a large group of people.

We may still think of biometric security systems as something that frequents the underground tunnels of a Bond villain’s hideout or the high tech server rooms of the latest Mission Impossible film. Advances in technology have in fact made biometric technology readily available as well as reliable.

The fundamental advantage of using this sort of technology in comparison to more conventional access control systems is the additional layer of security it provides. It ensures that ‘you are you’ and that lost or stolen access cards or badges are not being fraudulently used to access high value areas. 

Additionally, biometric access control systems do not require any more information other than the full name of the person who requires access, removing any fears that personal data associated with access cards or badges may become vulnerable to those who might wish to abuse it.




Published on Mon, 03 Jun 2013 (09:12am)
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