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The Benefits of Remote Monitored CCTV


In the current economic conditions, buyers of security services and systems are looking to get the best value they can from the products and solutions that they use to secure their assets and premises.

There are a number of solutions available to meet the security requirements of a business, from manned guarding to continuously recorded CCTV systems. They all have their own relative advantages and disadvantages. Here, the intention is to dissect the benefits of the installation of a remotely monitored CCTV system and the value it can provide in protecting a business and it’s assets from crime.

The overriding benefit associated with a remote monitored CCTV system is the fact that it provides visual confirmation to an operator regarding the cause of anyone specific activation. This minimises the number of false alarms (and therefore unnecessary call outs) and allows the operator to orchestrate the fastest possible and most appropriate action.

The process begins when an alarm is triggered and the images are transmitted to a central control room where the operator consults site plans to determine whether to issue audio warnings or alert the relevant emergency services. Audio warnings have been proven to act as a successful deterrent over 90% of the time, In terms of contacting the emergency services, the visual confirmation provided by the operator allows them to give the activation a priority response and increases the likelihood of the culprit of any trespass or theft committed on the property in question.

In comparison to the most common and in some sense basic form of intruder detection technology, the intruder alarm, the monitored CCTV system is superior in terms of both cost and reliability. With false alarm rates for intruder alarms being quoted by the emergency services as being over 90%, the possibility of losing police response to a property is a very threat.

Manned guarding solutions provide a constant presence on site to present a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves. Due to the nature of patrolling however, a mobile patrol can leave a site susceptible by allowing for unavoidable windows of opportunity. Some might say that static guarding is the answer to this conundrum. However, with lone worker and minimum wage legislation, this can prove much more costly than mobile patrols.

A continually monitored CCTV system is only helpful retrospectively when attempting to convict any perpetrator and if it is ineffective as a visual deterrent, will go nowhere in physically stopping the harmful event. CCTV images may be monitored on site by a static guard, but this does not in itself negate the cost of employing a static guarding service.

All in all, a remote monitored CCTV system provides the best cost effectiveness proposition when compared to the other solutions outlined above. 

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Published on Thu, 20 Jun 2013 (04:20pm)
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