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The Benefits of an Integrated Security System


In order to maximise the value from total investment in security products and services, small and large organisations alike, are turning to integrated security systems. The formal definition of an integrated security system is “a series of connected security products.” This might encompass visitor management, access control, intruder detection and video surveillance systems. 

So what is the business benefit of integrating security systems? Businesses are striving to achieve the maximum cost effectiveness possible from their capital expenditure. The most significant benefit of installing an integrated security system centers on the concept of “future proofing.” The best way to demonstrate the dynamics of this concept is through a real life example.

If we imagine a commercial office building, the security manager might require the installation of access control, intruder detection and video surveillance systems. If the manager in question arranged the installation of each individual system separately, he or she might face a problem when one of these systems requires some form of upgrade. If one of these systems necessitates an upgrade, it might render the functionality of the remaining systems obsolete. An integrated security system therefore allows the end-user to minimise the cost of an upgrade to meet any developments in their security requirements.

There are also some natural economies of scale involved in installing an integrated system. For larger organizations with multiple facilities, the system can be controlled centrally from a security hub. It also simplifies the maintenance of the system by allowing for one central servicing contract.

An integrated security system also provides the opportunity to regularly analyse the security requirements of a facility or set of facilities. It boosts an organizations ability to collect data from multiple points and then analyse, share or use this data to inform decision-making procedures. Again it is useful to hypothesise here. Consider a business that is concerned about shrinkage and is looking to implement a one-stop solution that is capable of tackling this. An integrated solution might be able to inform the business owner of the times and locations at which their stock is most susceptible, as well as identifying the culprit.

There is a common misconception that an integrated security system is too expensive for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and is most effective when used on the biggest sites. However, it can be equally as effective for recording access control events like an employee propping open a door to a secure area or trying to gain access with an invalid access card.

In conclusion, there certainly are some significant benefits of installing an integrated security system for both SME’s and larger organizations. The main value can be found in the concept of “future proofing.” An integrated system also provides a boost to an organizations ability to get a complete picture of its security risks. In essence, the integrated security system has evolved from a luxury only afforded to larger organizations, to a technology, from which the whole market can benefit from.

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Published on Mon, 03 Jun 2013 (09:04am)
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