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Megapixel vs Standard definition camera systems: debunking the myths.


There is a perception amongst consumers of security systems and related products, that megapixel camera systems are traditionally more expensive than their analogue predecessor. Indeed, it stands to reason that the more modern technology might command a higher price, to allow for research and development and other costs. However, if you seek to understand the value of mega pixel camera systems in comparison to an analogue security camera system, the debate becomes less straightforward.

In order to balance the value for money associated with the two camera system technologies, it is important to take a system wide approach. This allows the user to measure the benefits and demonstrate the cost -effectiveness and return on investment of installing a megapixel camera system.

The truth of the matter is that in terms of quality and performance, you get what you pay for. When you buy a surveillance camera, what you are really purchasing is the ability to view and record video footage that achieves the goals relevant to your location or business. For example, if you were concerned about shrinkage, you might consider installing internal cameras to monitor the activities of your staff and customers.  This might require a certain set of characteristics from your camera system. Alternatively, you might be worried about vandalism and theft in your car park, in which case a camera system that performs better to another set of environmental specifications is necessary.

Whether you need to provide facial identification, recognise license plates or capture numbers from shipping crates, megapixel cameras do a better job or capturing more information than standard-resolution cameras. If you think about the concept of “pixels per metre” (i.e. a certain number of pixels are required to depict one metre of a scene for a specific application), then it follows that a greater amount of pixels allows you to depict a larger area. You might therefore need to use just three or four strategically placed megapixel camera to cover the area of your car park, where ten standard resolution cameras would have been needed. 

The “pixels per metre” parameter is a useful tool in conducting a quantitative evaluation of the sorts of costs you might incur by installing a surveillance camera system.  You can use it to decide exactly how many cameras you might need to survey a pre-designated area and then compare the relevant set up costs with resolution to get an accurate estimate of your total cost. The total cost of installing the system is therefore a far better measure of the value you are receiving from your surveillance camera system.

Published on Tue, 28 May 2013 (09:00am)
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