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Maintenance of electronic security systems

As well as offering installations for electronic security systems, Gardwell Secure Systems is able to provide an exceptional maintenance service to ensure your security system is protecting your premises at all times – whether the system has been installed by us or a different company.

We recommend that you have your security systems serviced and checked twice a year to ensure the components are operating correctly.

Our maintenance service includes:

Servicing CCTV cameras

Access control systems

  • Cleaning card readers
  • Checking locks
  • Ensuring the database is current

Intruder alarms

  • Checking all PIRs are clean and working correctly
  • Ensuring that all alarms are sounding

CCTV systems

  • Cleaning detectors and lenses
  • Checking detectors are working correctly
  • Ensuring that the cameras are responding
  • Making sure that components are watertight
  • Ensuring all components are in a good working order

If you would like to know more about our maintenance service and how we could assist you, please contact us.