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CCTV is cost-effective solution for anti-social behaviour

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Local authority school sees decline in anti-social behaviour after installation of CCTV cameras

Client Profile
Local authority school in East Anglia
Client Issue

A local authority school was suffering from repeated vandalism and damage to their building by children of all ages misbehaving on the site. The school was becoming a place for children to hang out after school hours and was causing the staff a major headache in terms of having to find the trades to rectify the damage at a considerable cost to the school.

The school provided Gardwell Secure Systems with the following objectives:
  • To carry out a site survey with the school caretaker to identify areas of concern
  • To install a cost-effective CCTV system, with digital recording, appropriate for the school’s requirements in order to deter future anti-social behaviour
  • Provide admissible evidence to the police that would lead to identifying the perpetrators and a successful prosecution, where applicable
Course of Action

Gardwell Secure Systems surveyed the site in order to determine the system as well as the number of CCTV cameras required to address the school’s immediate concerns. The proposal was approved with budget sign off and Gardwell installed the system specified which included instruction and staff training of the new CCTV system. 


The CCTV system installed by Gardwell Secure Systems provided a visual deterrent which resulted in considerably less children hanging around the site out of school hours and a reduction in opportunistic vandalism. The benefits were immediate which led the school to ordering a further two cameras for other parts of the grounds

However, where the CCTV system really made a difference was when a member of staff noticed on the CCTV monitor two individuals loitering around outside the school. After observing the men for a short period of time, the member of staff recognised one of the individuals from a recent police criminal briefing who was a known perpetrator. The police were called and the CCTV footage replayed to the officers. The police confirmed that the man captured on the CCTV system was out of prison on licence. He was subsequently arrested later that evening and returned to prison.
A spokesperson for the local authority school said: “Gardwell Secure Systems undertook a detailed survey to ensure that the right system was installed for our needs and would meet our very specific requirements.  The CCTV monitoring system proposed and installed provides the school with constant monitoring regardless of time or weather and has proven to be an effective investment in our security.”