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Case study for a Local Supermarket

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Local Retailer

Client Profile
The client runs a small chain of Supermarkets.
Client Issue

Gardwell Secure Systems were contacted by the manager of a supermarket that had suspicion that a member of his senior team may have been stealing cash on route between the till and the cash office when the business was closed in the evening.

Course of Action

We attended the store during the working day and discreetly walked the route taken with intention of installing a covert device to observe the route of the cash. as the site had existing CCTV there was only one area that the cash could be taken. Our engineers with the aid of the store manager returned out of hours and fitted a covert CCTV camera and recorder. It was then a case of reviewing the CCTV when the tills were out of balance.


The store manager decided to review the footage on the camera although money had not gone missing and was surprised to find that the suspected member of staff had been helping themselves to stock. When the member of staff was presented with the evidence they were promptly relieved of their duty. The tills and stock checks are now exactly as they should be. Sometimes what you expect is going on is actually completely different to what you find but the camera never lies.